INNES donald Innes

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We helped save Alex Forest.

So every time you walk down (or back) through the Alex Forest to get to the surf - spare a thought for what it might have become. To all those locals who fought together to overturn the decision of the council who had sealed it's fate to be destroyed, to make way for a retirement village, I thank you. We now enjoy it's corridor to the beach and it's lungs for time immemorial, & special thanks to all of those like minded locals like Diane & Richard Thistlewaite, Bob & Marjorie Payne, Lindsay Holt & many more - back when residents could unite for a common cause that benefited the whole community.

Today the issues remain essentially the same, only the locations have differed. BUT the commonality IS still the detachment that Council likes to think it has from the community at large. We see the lip service from candidates every four years and then immediately after an election they go about whatever agenda they had before or wish to put in place again.

Your NOT gonna see that tripe from me!



So much of the way Council goes about it's Administrative role is completely out of step with modern Community expectations. We feel like we are under attack in our home AND when we go out.! Our footpaths, parking, traffic, planning, carports, all seem to be squarely in their sights. It's like they no longer serve us, but see us as some magic revenue stream!


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