CEO being investigated by who?


I'd like to thank the SC Daily for publishing my letter to editor Monday.

I called on the Council to "come clean with the voters about why they voted to go into secret session" regarding the almost two years early CEO contract renewal.

The bloke quit.

So what's the big secret? Still!

So along comes MJ to water things down with todays article.

"There were some issues raised with me probably a year ago and I offered to involve an independent investigator at that time" Cr Jameison said on Tuesday.

Now that was NOT yesterday. That was Tuesday a week ago.

Suddenly "independant investigator" is part of the narrative. But is all just BS and spin.

Today's article is clearly a reaction to my letter and relies on last week's Nambour interview of Mark Jameison.

BUT the real spin is here....

"Speaking in Nambour on Tuesday (last week) Cr Jameison revealed the matters had also been with the Crime & Corruption Commission".


Monday (last week) morning first thing I filed the RTI/IP request which I believe will undoubtedly show that Council under Whittaker and Mark Jameison have conducted a protracted vendetta that has cost the ratepayer in the vicinity of $300,000 to $400,000 in wages to prosecute for approaching two years now.

High Time for a proper investigation IMO.

Ask yourself this.

IF Mark Jameison is so committed why was he delaying his announcement to re contest?

He had all his Olympic dreams hoopla on the go travelling the world FOR US, and yet he didn't, couldn't or wouldn't announce his intentions until late December.

There's a story.

I suspect he couldn't announce because HE hadn't been cleared....

"It was raised with me again some months ago, the matter was passed onto the CCC, who sat on it for about six months, before sending it back to council to deal with, and that process continues today."

The chronology doesn't add up, BTW, Mark.

Was it sent back to Council around the same time he finally announced his intentions?

And do remember the crisis of confidence and PFAS PR fiasco that occurred whilst he swanned about leaving Dwyer and O'Pray to take the heat!