Plastic Promises


I am making a campaign pledge and I hope to find a way for the community to have a voice on this too.

These pointless pieces of flat marketing just need to go IMO.

TO me they say nothing. They have largely pointless messages, and come across as more visual pollution than promotions.

And it has to be said to all those who have chosen to FORCE them on the community seem completely oblivious to the PRIMARY important fact.

There are no pictures in the polling booths, and no pictures on the ballot paper.

How is anyone going to associate their mugs with the paper slip they vote on?

It's a confusion of NAME recognition with IMAGE, but really it's just plain ego liking to see how important they are because they can afford to have their faces plastered all over the countryside.

And the puffery on the signs.

I am completely opposed to making claims such as "trustworthy" by way of campaign marketing.

Trust is earned, and is a reward for good and proper conduct that the community appreciates, its not some throwaway line like a toothpaste commercial!

The same with these essentially spurious claims of "independant" from candidates with long established party machine involvement.

Make it a level playing field!

Let's start one area at a time!

I can see no good reason, and strongly believe that the community would PREFER NOT to have them if they can be allowed a choice.

Look out for my facebook survey on the subject. INNES Donald Mayor Candidate