thank you Elements5 for the image
thank you Elements5 for the image

1. Election policy.

Executive summary:

  • Stop corflute and outdoor signs
  • Cease HTV cards and polling supporters
  • Transition to online voting supplemented by postal by 2024
  • Open up discussion (with ECQ assistance) about NON compulsory voting
  • Six week campaigns

(a.) Outdoor signs are effectively prohibited for business at any time of year. It is inconsistent to allow candidates to force them on our eyes even for the short period that they do. They ARE visual pollution. My online survey which wasn't boosted or pushed in any way drew 400+ responses 90% were opposed.

But it is the terrible community division and dislocation that we have all seen online and in print that tells the real story. The signs are like glamour portraits and obviously opposed supporters target them, and the whole cycle starts again. However, have none, & no fights!
I am told that candidates have a right to advertise, but outdoor signs aren't!

(b.) HTV cards and the whole system of intimidation from the handers out is one of the principal reasons that people hate the voting day experience. We must make the experience enjoyable. It ought to encompass stalls and produce sales, entertainment and fun. NOT the running the gamut where voters feel that they can't engage or feel pressured.
Also the party machines (this IS LG elections) set themselves up to an advantage over other candidates and I have seen little real proof that this delivers good outcomes for the community. NO HTV cards is a level playing field with no waste. ONLY those who seek to get an advantage will oppose the step.

(c.) In this climate, (coronavirus) it is absolutely obvious that online voting would allay all the fears. That is the ongoing legacy that this crisis will bring, so is already one of the silver linings to a very difficult time. It is quite clear that we CAN do it, and those that raise hacking etc. are ignoring the size, safety and quality of online gambling. IF we were to hand it over to a company like sportsbet it would be sorted out in weeks! The opposition is only from vested interests.

(d.) This is something which has to discussed within a coronavirus environment. IF it were optional (rather than the current ECQ threats, which are wholly unwarranted) then this whole voting debacle wouldn't be unfolding. There ARE other states that aren't compulsory, and it works for them, right now. It has to be up for discussion within the community. It IS a human right NOT to be expected to expose yourself to a risk of ANY description in voting and it is NOT a right of government to expect to enforce a compulsory system in these circumstances. You can't be compelled to expose yourself to getting crook!

(e.) Six weeks campaigns will alleviate the various pressures identified above. A slightly longer campaign makes more opportunity for GOOD nonaggressive campaigns that are community minded NOT just down to the big spenders of the party machines - which belong in state or federal anyway!