thank you lucrezia carnelos for the image
thank you lucrezia carnelos for the image


Executive Summary;

  • Task forces working with precincts to drive business
  • Setting up a Peak Body for Retail Sunny Coast
  • Marketing and Retail consultancies to advise (draw on the stimulus package)
  • Drawing ALL Business Chambers members into their specific market segment
  • Working WITH Plaza & Kawana Shopping Town on key non conflict areas
  • Creating "pop up" opportunities to work conjunctive with strip shops
  • Creating a data base and online Sunny Coast presence to market short term retail opportunities - clearance sales, pop ups, markets cross overs
  • Reimagine railway towns within plans - such as progressive markets accessed BY rail
  • Progressive dinners accessed by Rail
  • ALL stops rail tickets with markets at every station from Glasshouse right up to Eumundi to encourage day trippers on weekends
  • Formal retail traineeships within and outside of Council
  • Set up network of WOMEN'S SHEDS - Australian made fashions, crafts, art, produce etc. Women's surfboards for women (Scary hey!)
  • Facilitate Women's sheds marketing and online presence to sell nationally a "sunny coast" brand

I can see that the way forwards through a very tough time is to be somewhat insular, despite the fact that it is being forced on us even in a micro sense.WE must define and re-define our RETAIL brand and identity. NOT insofar as for Tourism, but rather as a specific and particular point of difference that makes US proportionally more attractive TO the SEQ. We must fight above our weight and NOT give sway to the size and glitz of the GC.

Lend Lease AND Kawana will be key players in that drive - but really it is about re-invigorating strip areas and sub regions like Caloundra and Nambour.BUT one of our key errors over a longer term has been to allow ourselves to be defined by what we say we don't want to be! I don't give a fig for such simplistic assessments. WE ARE who & what we are, we are NOT a reflective contra-distinction of the southern beaches.WE are about defining ourselves into a market that is huge, growing, available, and capable of being swayed - despite the current hand brake of access and egress problems of constricted roads and public transport.The marketing opportunity that Brisbane and the wider SEQ surrounds offers is completely available, it just has to be unleashed more than it has been - and in a time of NOW almost non-existent imports we are well placed with such spheres as surfing, fashion, and so on to maximise those opportunities - in harmonic concert with our other main economic drivers.