thank you raj fjapwbntwso for the image
thank you raj fjapwbntwso for the image

Executive summary.

  • Convert existing planning for Maroochydore CBD Chamber to commercial
  • Pursue emergency stimulus for the project
  • Divert Council funds to dual re-invigoration in Caloundra & Nambour
  • Extend and improve Chambers in both places
  • Drive retail re-imagining in both areas
  • Support re-purposing precincts like Carnaby St into Urban Residential
  • Transitioning commercial/office component into NEW CBD locations
  • ALLOW THE FORMER CALOUNDRA CITY COUNCIL area a vote on de-amalgamation in 2024.

In speaking about issues that are troubling the whole community concerning the Maroochydore CBD (and its negative revenue position) some of the reasoning already put out there offers a way forward.

IF the "build it and they will come" idea is true - then it's the building NOT the tenant that matters. So why does Council even NEED to do this? The answer is that it doesn't. It's just a vanity project.Existing offices are adequate and indeed well placed within the wider area to best serve, rather than a centralised premises. AND that plan to centralise is what is so vehemently opposed by the residents of the old CCC and the wider Hinterland and Nambour.

IF we allow this to occur it will forever more be the roadblock put up to prohibit any drive for de-amalgamation. AND to me, at least, it seems that once Aura nears completion CCC will be in a position to return to self-determination and that potentially should be planned for NOT obstructed.

I would never be comfortable to stand in the way of the will of the people. It MUST form part of planning, and it must guide decision making.So my idea is to work with Government (both levels) on construction stimulus along with other stimuli. To perhaps even proceed with the exact existing plans - only to either rent or sell the project, going on to do similar again - contingent (of course) on the markets view of those plans and of demand for the space.BUT key is direct all energy and funds earmarked to the needs of BOTH Caloundra & Nambour. They should NOT unequally share the financial burdens of a protracted period of reckless planning without accurate business cases.