thank you Drew Beamer for the image
thank you Drew Beamer for the image

Executive Summary.

  • Break up The Office of CEO and Mayor
  • Work with returned CEO John Knaggs to re-instate pre 2017 department structures
  • Overhaul ALL Corporate Structure outside Council
  • A 100% Commitment to independent Investigation into the SECRET CEO Contract and the Office of Mayor & CEO.

On Australia Day, 26th January I proudly launched my campaign and distributed a pamphlet to coincide with the first Mayoral Debate at Beerwah RSL.It had ten primary points. These are now developing into my ten policy statements being released daily leading up to the March 28th Election date. Some have evolved, SOME HAVE ALREADY COME TRUE!

"5. A THOROUGH INDEPENDENT investigation into the CEO contract renewal - almost two years ahead of time! AND an end to Candidates publishing nomination endorsements from the CEO.


8. Winding back the corporate structures at the failed CBD project and saving millions annually.


10. A sweeping review of the Department of Mayor and CEO with a personal recommendation that Michael Whittaker resign ASAP."I know that an alternative narrative regarding EX CEO Whittaker has been put about but I am completely comfortable claiming credit as It was me who was exposing that he was deeply involved in an orchestrated campaign against my business and my home over two years. The Office of Information Commissioner reviews will eventually reveal the truth in that regard.BUT the Office of Mayor and CEO is a large department, apparently using up to $14.0m of ratepayers money every year and including many quite shadowy operations. I have personally seen a "dirt file" on myself going into extensive details.So I am staggered that Candidate Thompson has apparently been granted access into Council staff for as long as six months ago AND openly claimed at the OSCAR forum on North Shore that "he still had many friends in Council, and they supported his nomination".

On Wednesday night at the SC Daily forum he also made a statement (for the first time) that he SUPPORTS the Office of Mayor and CEO and wishes to work with them on policy.

This is NOT in the public interest. It is ONLY in the interest of his friends in council and gives rise to some very serious concerns about potential Council breaches of my & my families privacy. These same figures who were assembled by CEO Whittaker in his 2017 restructure would of course wish to support a candidate who has no desire to look into the shabby conduct that they got up to & would not proceed with any independent investigation.

This smacks of a candidate trying to work with "friends in council" in a cover up, and actually has to be referred to the Crime and Corruption Commission - particularly when the CEO shock resignation DID OCCUR! And it actually corresponded with an ICEO inquiry into the very endorsement used publicly by Candidate Thompson with which he refused to co-operate. The silences and avoidance are deeply troubling.

I am quite sure that synergies can be gained internally and that the structures can be returned to pre 2017, whether or not ex CEO Knaggs is able to step into the breach to assist us all at such a tough time.

The same is true of the various outside entities that Council has formed to oversee projects like the CBD. There is available cost savings that can be made in an overall review to find savings moving forwards.