thank you Park Troopers for the image
thank you Park Troopers for the image

Executive Summary

  • Genuine reform of all protocols on meetings
  • Complete reform of RTI/IP disclosures
  • Live Streaming meetings
  • Public access at all voting and discussion
  • Real time conflict register & disclosures updated monthly
  • Restore a culture of Council respect FOR the community
  • Make a Council apology TO the community for the last eight years

Resident dissatisfaction with where we have been, and are headed, is they key component of this election. Everywhere there is a sentiment for change. Only the long game CON, from the establishment Party Machine, has been to depict a 12 year has been as being a change!It's not. It's the Party Machine just doing what it does and rolling right over great candidates right across all the divisions in the pursuit of a block of six votes.

Same ole' same ole' - business as usual !!! That is just the sad truth of matters.AND it is going to take a strong willed, wise & witty force of leadership to steer OUR ship through these troubled waters, NOT just more of the same - which is exactly what has put us in the financial poo now. We should have been in great financial shape to ride out this crisis, instead we'll be going cap in hand to the State & Federal Governments looking for handouts because we've been building empty CBD's and laying undersea cables to no-one...And the "change" candidate was there for all the planning - but just wants you to look the other way... NOW.So I wish to open up completely. Complete transparency. Complete disclosures, warts and all! Complete community access and information. Complete community involvement at every level of decision making. AND compete accountability from Councillors and the Administration alike.Far too long have we all suffered from Council's blame aversion. No one ever takes the blame. No one ever apologises for their errors, and there are many. No councillor ever accepts blame for their poor decisions, or their inattentive lack of preparation.

That CULTURE is now over, and the turnaround ALREADY started when I got rid of CEO Whittaker - make no mistake my efforts were the real reason and down the track with RTI/IP release that will be proved.So I am already leading for you, from the outside. I am responsible for initiating the bans on HTV cards. I am responsible for driving the ban on booth touts risking health. Invest your trust in me and it will pay dividends beyond your wildest expectations!