by Don Innes your mayor candidate.

The News is on Fire
The News is on Fire


two screen shots taken from a 55 Page RTI/Ip Release provided to me last year.

It is the subject of a current ongoing review by the Office of the Information Commissioner because SCRC sought to improperly restrict the "scope" of the application.

There are apparently thousands of pages of documents and a "dirt file" that probably goes back as far as 2004 when I last ran for Division 10 against Chris Thompson.

Of Interest is this,

The first anonymous "complaint" quite probably came from a "friend" of a "friend" of Mayor Jameison.

It can be seen that the grave offence of a lovely front garden was treated with THE UTMOST URGENCY right from the first moment.

Secondly the anonymous complainant already knew to wait until first thing after Easter holidays, which corresponded with a guest leaving - whereas the alleged planting had actually been completed good Thursday

Compare that to the second follow up complaint (also in the RTI/IP) which was made AFTER I forwarded a series of 30 concerns about Council's conduct.

What you can see in comparing the two "complaints" is they are from different complainants AND the second one has been informed and varied to suit the concerns.

The allegations of "spikes in his little eyes" as Kathy likes to somehwat morbidly joke.

Well those little eyes belong to a cabal member who we believe has stronglinks to Councillor Connolly, and we do now for sure that they have had signifiacnt dealings with each other over the whole ongoing carport Council dramas.

So I'm adding some images of MY pandanus and of the one two doors up that has NEVER been complained about, and NO ACTION has ever been taken by Council.

Spot the difference?

No spikes.

What does that say about Council, and about the morals or ethics of the bloke doing the complaining - or honesty. Council don't even need honest or accurate complaints to come around and f you up!

The same bloke who was JUST THIS MORNING squiring the Council officers around OUR streets here at Alex.

No doubt they've all got a dirty plan to come through with yellow lines and stuff up our neighbourhood.